Work featured in “Le Monde” newspaper

Our work on the rise and fall of research fields has been featured in the French newspaper Le Monde. The content can be accessed here (in French). We explain how the analysis of millions of scientific articles showed that innovators in Science work in small teams, are young, multidisciplinary (publish in many disciplines) and interdisciplinary (publish at the border between disciplines). Paper to come soon!

Talk at the social networks conference Sunbelt 2018

I gave a talk on the iGEM competition as a microcosm to understand team success in science at the Sunbelt 2018 conference in Utrecht, in the “Wicked problems” session. Had great feedback from the social sciences crowd, and a great conference overall! Taking back some new ideas to pursue, and hope to be at the next one in Montreal in 2019!

New paper on personalized medicine for heart failure in the news!

Our paper “A personalized, multiomics approach identifies genes involved in cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure” is in the news! I still remember the first time Alain Karma told me about this project, almost 5 years ago when I was finishing my PhD… A few months later I would be in Boston working on it, and there we are 4 years later. A great adventure, and many ideas for follow-ups!

Coexpression networks in HF
Co-expression network built from gene expression correlation across 100+ mouse strains. Newly discovered personalized FC genes constitute a separate module compare to the traditional population-wide SAM genes.