Postdoc position in my lab

EDIT: the position is now closed.

We currently offer a postdoc or research engineer position in the areas of Computational Social Science, Network Science, Big Data, and Social Network Analysis, to be filled immediately.

The applicant will join my team at the CRI to work on large-scale datasets to understand the dynamics of radicalisation of digital communities. In particular, the applicant will work on a project in collaboration with Hugo Micheron (ENS Paris) and Samuel Fraiberger (NYU, World Bank) to map the temporal evolution of the influence network of radical Islam on the web using large datasets from Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. The project is supported by a “Domaine d’Interet Majeur” funding from the region Ile de France.

For more information, visit the job page!

Our first hackathon with JOGL

With Just One Giant Lab we just organized our first hackathon on Open Data and Vaccination for our first program Co-Immune! We had 6 teams with great ideas and projects using data science to better understand vaccination hesitancy and access to vaccines. More below:

Lab projects

A lot has happened since I started my lab last year, and I wanted to showcase a bunch of projects that we have begun to tackle at CRI with my team, the Network Ties! Below you can find a poster presenting our work in quantifying innovation and large-scale collaboration in science and technology. These various projects combine physics-inspired modeling, network and data science to better understand how collective intelligence shape both learning and solving! If you’re interested in these projects, we are hiring! Do not hesitate to contact me for further information!

Workshop: enhancing collective intelligence to tackle humanity’s challenges in the digital age

For the first event after its launch last week, I am happy to invite you with Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) to an afternoon of round tables and workshops to open the collaboration around the construction of JOGL itself.

|| On the agenda ||

During this very special event, experts in open science, collective intelligence, social impact and platform design will share their experience and exchange with the participants around two round tables and a workshop.

The first round table will open discussions about how to enhance collective intelligence for social impact. In particular, how we can facilitate “giant” collaborations around the globe. The second round table will reflect on how to design digital platforms to implement collective intelligence at scale, in the context of open science. After a coffee break, the afternoon will end with a workshop where participants will have the possibility to test the JOGL platform, provide feedback and share with the team what features they would dream to see on JOGL.

The idea? JOGL is a platform with a strong vision but a design in constant construction. This event aims to give the opportunity to all to participate in this design and help build the future of the JOGL platform. As such, feedback shared by participants will be taken into consideration to serve as a roadmap for the implementation of the upcoming features of JOGL and make it the platform everyone needs.

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