A complete list of my publications can be found on my Google Scholar profile. Red color indicates key publications. My complete CV can be found here.

In preparation

M. Santolini, MJ Palmer, L Blondel, R Jeyaram, R Ward, A. Krishna, B Uzzi, A-L Barabasi, Team performance and improvement in an open science and engineering collaborative ecosystem (in preparation) [abstract] [best presentation at Complex Networks 2017] [iGEM Insights collaboration]


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Book chapters

  • Epidemium White Paper: Measuring the program [English]

The Epidemium challenge is a community-based open science program exploring new paths to cancer research. In this chapter we reflect on the program by analyzing the digital traces of teams from the various collaborative tools used during the challenge.


Comment naissent les idées lumineuses ? Le grand mystère de la créativité, in Le Monde (23 Dec 2019) [pdf]


  • Computational analysis of cis-regulatory elements in drosophila and mammalian genomes. (French) [pdf]

My PhD thesis of physics done at the Laboratoire de Physique Statistique (LPS) of ENS under the supervision of Vincent Hakim.

  • Le Principe Anthropique – La place de l’Homme dans l’Univers.  (French) [pdf]

My Master’s thesis of History and Philosophy of Science done at ENS under the supervision of Marc Lachièze-Rey during 2008.

  • Estimating cosmological parameters through cross-correlation of galaxy surveys and Cosmic Microwave Background fluctuations. [pdf]

Thesis from my internship done at the Departement of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University under the supervision of David Spergel during spring 2007.