Large scale analysis of team success in the iGEM competition

In collaboration with the Barabasi Lab at Northeastern University, we use data extracted from open wiki webpages from 2,000+ teams that have participated in the international Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition over the past 10 years. From these wikis, we can extract information on the collaborative structure of the project (who did what at what time), as well as which teams collaborated with other teams, and how teams re-combined BioBricks produced by other teams to make new innovative BioBricks. Features from this data are then associated to team success (medal, prizes, finalists) to explore their importance in performance and success.
An example of a team collaboration network obtained from wiki lab notebook edition. Top: bipartite network of team wiki editors (yellow) and wiki sections (blue). The bipartite network can be projected on both the wiki sections (bottom left) to obtain the sub-project structure, or on the editor space (bottom right) to obtain the team structure.