Connecting the dots: a network workshop at CRI

On Saturday 18th May I will organise a network workshop at the CRI! It is intended to be a hands-on experience learning about, mining, manipulating, describing and visualizing networks. It will take place in the learning center of the CRI from 10am to 5pm.

To register to the event, go to the event page! The workshop requires no background or prior experience in Network analysis. Just make sure to bring your MOTIVATION to learn and build your own network! It is intended for learners of all levels (bachelors, masters, PhD). We are open to welcome people outside from CRI as well. Please make sure you have registered for the event. You will be expected to participate actively in the activities of the workshop. Please bring your laptop for the workshop, as you will use them for the hands-on experience. If you do not have a laptop, please inform us so that we can try and find one for you!

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